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The Problem

The Solution

Our Story

Oregon Dulse has developed macroalgae-farming technologies that are an efficient alternative to legacy soil-based seed products. We are producing scalable amounts of this macroalga that can be processed economically into high demand products and ingredients that have a positive environmental impact.

Future world food demand requires new business models that satisfy this demand while protecting the fixed natural resources that exist.  Soil-based seed technologies cannot produce the amount of products required to sustain human existence and are detrimental to the long-term health of the planet.

​​​​Oregon Dulse was founded by Chuck Toombs. After 25 years working with various manufacturing firms, Fortune 500 companies, small & large privately held companies, and after selling his specialty manufacturing firm, Ostrom Glass & Metal, he embarked on a world in academia at Oregon State University in the College of Business.

Teaching one of the largest classes at OSU, BA 390 (Marketing Management), he thought it works to make sense to leverage the deep bench OSU had in research, and get his students involved with creating innovative marketing plans for these technologies, culminating in a Shark Tank.

The first project he did was dulse, a seaweed being domesticated at Hatfield Marine Science Center for 25 years.

Chuck's now-famous question was "Why can't this be the new Kale?"  This has to lead to the formation of a business and the successful scaling of this operation will make seaweed farming larger than the wine industry in 5 years.